Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology Retail & Trade

Nanotechnology Retail & TradeWe are the right partner for retailers and traders who are interested in having their own brand. We support you in all areas, for example designing the labels. We also provide instructions for use and safety data sheets. Close collaboration with a printer enables us to offer you good prices for labels. It makes no difference if you start with only one product and take further products later on, or if you start directly with the whole nano range.


Ideal for:

 • Exporters

 • Franchise businesses

 • TV shopping channels

 • Car dealing businesses

 • Medium and large-sized businesses

 • Internet businesses with a high potential of customers


Nanotechnology Distribution Partners

Nanotechnology Distribution PartnersA lot of people have already heard of nanotechnology and its products, on TV and in newspapers. It has increased in popularity over the last years.


Often people don't know where to buy these products. You can already buy sealed roof tiles, bathroom furnishing and sealed new cars. Consumers don't wonder where to buy presealed new cars, they want to know where to buy a sealant for their current cars !


We offer a distribution partnership to every entrepreneur or trade representative. This gives you the possibility to expand your range of products and to seal your products before selling. So, the appreciated value of your products is increased and you are one step ahead of your competitors.


There are no obligations for you. You don't have to make a monthly minimum order or a certain yearly turnover. You can sell or process our products after a small initial order.


Ideal for:

 • Car dealer's

 • Car body shops

 • Sanitary businesses

 • Trade representatives

 • Second hand car dealer's

 • Other small businesses/entrepreneurs