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Nanotechnology Research & Development

Nanotechnology Research & DevelopmentGermany as a location for innovation in the field of nanotechnology is with the world leader. This leading position we must use to significantly develop our products. For this purpose we use, depending on the requirement, different laboratories.


We can develop products based on your requirements for you so you have the opportunity to take care during the development process before optimization.


The selection of our specific research projects will be undertaken in close consultation with external experts from industry and academia. This way ensures that the objectives works of Nanotechnology Solutions are characterized by scientific originality and equally high practical relevance.


Therefore Nano Technology Solutions is taking its own efforts in this field and is involved with major partners from science, to broaden the knowledge on the applications of Nanotechnology Solutions. These currently include in particular the construction sector.


Nanotechnology Solutions collaborates with other small and independent laboratories as well as various colleges and universities.


The technologies and innovations developed by Nanotechnology Solutions are particularly suited to endow surfaces of various materials such as concrete, stone, ceramic, glass or polymers with special properties.


The research and development of Nanotechnology Solutions aim to achieve new or improved functionalities based on nanoscience and give to the customer. To this end, research and development are essential.


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